Hi Folks, Welcome.

A Clown After Midnight is the story of John Dewey, a man who has everything
until he humiliates a clown at his wife’s birthday party and unleashes an ancient
evil on himself and his family.

It’s written by Colin Miller & Alex Cain, two writers and filmmakers living in the
asylum that is Los Angeles. We made a movie called “All Babes Want to Kill Me”
about a martial artist afflicted with a rare disease that makes beautiful women
want to kill him who goes on a suicide mission to find true love anyway. It was
fun. It got distributed. We love movies, we love comic books, we thought “why not
do a comic next?” So we are. We teamed up with artist extraordinaire (and just
plain good bloke) Phi Vu to bring our first comic to light. We are also working on
a new graphic novel “Adora and the Electric Elephant” with writer Chris Reilly to
be published next year and our next film (title secret for now.)

It will be a busy couple of months. But you come first; we will be putting pages
up as fast as they are finished. So check back often and thanks for joining us.


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A Clown After Midnight is TM and © 2010 Colin Miller and Alex Cain and is recommended for mature audiences
A Clown After Midnight is written by Colin Miller & Alex Cain with art by Phi Vu